What Fun – A Home Made Wind Turbine

I love stuff like this! If you have a shed or greenhouse, where you could use a small amount of power to run maybe a radio, small light or fan, then this project can bring you free power for the price of a few inexpensive set up costs. You can even use it to charge a battery, which can then power an inverter, so you get ac power, which you can use to charge mobile phones etc.

There are hundreds of videos like this on youtube, showing you how to get power, heat, cool, water etc etc in all kinds of easy make yourself ways. Once I get browsing on youtube I am there for hours. Take a look for yourself and see what I mean. If you have any projects of your own that you would like to share please contact me from this website and we can maybe put it out there in a post.

In the meantime, take a look at this home made wind turbine. I’m going to make one for my tool shed to keep the radio going. I will let you know how it goes.

Save energy- install double gazed windows in your home

double_glazed_windowsIf you are looking at upgrading your home, to be more aesthetically pleasing, or to replace worn and dated windows and frames, then double glazing is the only way to go. With modern UPVC frames that are rot free, maintenance free, need no painting or staining, or even modern wood or metal frames with double glazed panes, your choice is clear.

Double gazed windows are especially designed for minimizing heat loss and reducing noise as it has two pieces of glass that are parallel to one another with gap in between filled with gas or air. These kinds of windows are very popular among homeowners who wish to invest in environmentally friendly window options. If you want to save energy-install double gazed windows as it helps in improving the aesthetics of your home along with being energy efficient.

It enables you to experience future savings in the energy costs as it helps in energy conversation and reducing carbon footprint. The cost of installing such a system is recouped over several years, but once done, your home is warm, cheaper to heat and draught free. When installed by a registered and trained installer, your draught problem will be eliminated, and heat loss through the windows will be virtually non existant. Just look for a FENSA accredited double glazing installer in your area, and be sure to check any references before going ahead.

Save energy- install double gazed windows in your home

Double gazed windows are considered to be the wisest option for your home if you want to save money on energy costs. A properly fitted window has the ability of creating an airtight construction that reduces the flow of incoming cool and outgoing heat. Hence due to this airtight construction, a lot less energy will be required for heating up your home resulting in much lower electricity and gas bills.

These windows are also available in three or four layers for helping you to increase the insulation of these windows. With each additional pane of glass, the properties of double gazed windows are enhanced which helps in preventing heat loss.

Benefits of highly energy efficient double gazed windowsdouble glazing

Windows and doors are the main cause of heat loss in your home but when you install double gazed windows, the thermal efficiency of your home is increased. The thermal effects offered by these environmentally friendly windows, helps in keeping your home warmer in winter, but also cooler in summer. The double paned glass of these windows help in locking in the heat and keeping out the draught as it is very beneficial for energy consumption. It helps you to turn down the heating in winter, saving considerable amount of money on your electricity bills.

These windows also help in significantly reducing the harmful carbon emission and it helps in targeting energy loss successfully. You will also eliminate most of the draughts that you might be experiencing, because they are made to measure, using modern materials, and fitted to a standard that eliminates draughts and heat loss throught the frames.

The reasons of installing double gazed windows

Winter and summer seasons can accelerate the electrical usage of your home from heating and cooling, but when you install double gazed windows, you can be rest assured that you will get complete insulation. These windows also help in bringing down the energy expenses as it helps in keeping your home insulated in chilly and harsh weather along with preventing any external noise from entering your home. You can save approximately 50% of the heat from escaping your home through the windows in winter, so that your home is much warmer.

Therefore you can keep your energy bills within your budget. These energy efficient windows can be customized according to the needs of your home as you can select the size and materials of these windows, and also the style and colour, according to your preference. These windows can last for about 20 to 25 years by making a one time investment of installing these windows in your home.

All homes should have modern double glazed windows fitted as standard these days, it is vitally important for the environment. So if your house has old and draughty windows, do yourself and the planet a big favour and get new windows installed asap. Watch the video below for interesting info on the manufacture and installation of upvc windows.

Energy saving tips for your home

thermostatI just came across this video while looking around on youtube and thought it would be a good idea to post it here.

It covers several good tips that can help you to save money in your home, and although each idea offers only a small saving, the results add up, and can save you a lot of money long term, but more importantly, you are taking another step to saving the planet. Some of the tips covered are:

Use a programmable thermostat
Why heat your home when no-one is there? The old style of thermostat needed you to remember to turn the heat down before you left the house, but with a programmable type, you spend 15 minutes setting it up and it is done. When you leave home for work, it will adjust the temperature so that you are not heating the house to your normal temperature, but will keep it at a lower manageable temperature, and ramp it up before you get home. It’s a no brainer.

Use energy efficient appliances
Now I am not saying that you should run out and buy all new appliances, that would be wrong, but the next time that you need to change an appliance, take careful note of the energy ratings shown on the outside, and don’t just buy the cheapest, because you will recoup that additional cost with energy savings.

Wash your clothes in cold water
Modern washing machines and detergents are designed to get clothes clean at lower temperatures. Always try to wash on cool whenever possible.

Turn down your boiler thermostat
Reduce the temperature setting on your water heater to 120 degrees. It will still be plenty hot enough and save you money every day.

Fit a hot water heater blanket
Common sense right?

Turn off unused appliances
You can buy a smart power strip that turns off the power when appliances are not being used, so you are not sucking power while on standby with things such as computer printers, tv’s etc.

If you can implement these ideas, and there are many more if you do some research, and watch the video below for inspiration, you will save yourself some money and do good things for the environment at the same time.

Insulation Tips to Save Money & Energy

spray insulationThere are a range of opportunities to make money saving improvements at home. Whether you have already implemented some solutions or are yet to consider the best options available, this guide will provide you with enough information to make your decisions. Unfortunately, most people are not aware how easy it is to make their property run on fairly less energy. Drastic eco-friendly changes and savings can be achieved through very simple steps.

That said, insulating your house is probably the best way to reduce your energy bills and therefore, protect the environment. Insulating your home means reducing its impact on the environment in the process and making your home more comfortable.

Adding new or additional insulation to your attic, ceilings and walls along with using weather stripping to make sure doors and windows are completely sealed. This will prevent cold drafts and air leaks. Less air leaks means warm air will not be able to leave your home during the freezing winter. But this works both ways as well.

During hot summer months, these same improvements will help keep the cool air inside your home. If you are wondering where do you install insulation, well you should know that this answer will vary. The biggest mistake is to install insulation without installing proper ventilation path between the insulation and the building exterior.

Where air leakage occurs?

The following locations and places are some of the most common places where air leakage may occur: mail slots, around taps, pipes and wires, attic hatches, window and door frames, fireplace dampers, baseboards, window frames, switch plates, wall or window-attached heaters and air conditioners. It’s a good idea to plug these large holes.

Furthermore, locations in the roof or attic where air leakage is usually happening are where the walls meet the roof or attic floor, behind or even under attic base walls and sometimes in dropped-ceiling areas. As for the little holes, cracks and gaps, you can easily insulate them using one of many insulators on the market. They can account for 20 percent of heat loss in your home.

How can I insulate my home?

There are several ways you can insulate your home. Spray foam is a very popular solution nowadays. Spray foam is an excellent solution for many homeowners. There are several types of spray foam available, including foams with different densities. While each of these types of foam is made for a plethora of different insulating applications, they all carry a similar benefit for the homeowner. You should also seal up cracks and gaps using weather stripping around doors and windows. You can buy all of these things at your local hardware store.

Generally speaking, an insulation’s R-value – the material’s resistance to heat flow and thermal resistance – is the most important number to look for. The higher the R-value, the better the material insulates. R-Values range from zero to 35 or more. That’s why it’s important to learn how to insulate your home to save money and the environment.

Is there anything else I can do?

Furthermore, you can wrap external hot water pipes with simple insulating tape, in order to reduce the heat loss from your hot water tank to the taps, and reduce the energy needed to get your water hot. The insulating tape can be bought cheaply from your local hardware store.

Watch out for dark looking insulation. Darkened insulation is usually a result of dirty interior air being filtered before air leaking through little holes in the home envelope. In warmer months you will find staining water in these same areas. In winter months, you may notice ice-filled areas in the place of insulation.

On a personal note, I am the type of person that keeps records of everything, and after insulating my edwardian home, which had virtually no insulation at all when we moved in, and which is now insulated to conform to the latest code, my energy bills have dropped by over 60%. That’s massive, and I wholeheartedly recommend that you do the same, not only to save yourself money, but to help save the planet. Every little helps!