Eco-Friendly Bathroom Makeover

Are you planning to install a new bathroom or conduct a bathroom remodeling? If you are, it is time you plan to and actually take precautions. Installing a new bathroom can be exciting not only because it adds value to the property but also enhances the beauty and adds new features. This excitement can easily […]

What Fun – A Home Made Wind Turbine

I love stuff like this! If you have a shed or greenhouse, where you could use a small amount of power to run maybe a radio, small light or fan, then this project can bring you free power for the price of a few inexpensive set up costs. You can even use it to charge […]

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Renovation

  As part of my seemingly never ending home renovation project, I needed to replace my tired old kitchen. I wanted to try and do so in a way that was as “green” as I could possible make it, while still keeping the wife happy with her shiny new kitchen. The kitchen is maybe the […]

Create Your Own Recycling Centre At Home

  I thought that this video that I stumbled upon today while researching on youtube was worth posting. It discusses how easy it is for most of us to create our own mini recycling station. The video is from the US, where they tend to have more available space than we do here in the […]

Save energy- install double gazed windows in your home

If you are looking at upgrading your home, to be more aesthetically pleasing, or to replace worn and dated windows and frames, then double glazing is the only way to go. With modern UPVC frames that are rot free, maintenance free, need no painting or staining, or even modern wood or metal frames with double […]

Energy saving tips for your home

I just came across this video while looking around on youtube and thought it would be a good idea to post it here. It covers several good tips that can help you to save money in your home, and although each idea offers only a small saving, the results add up, and can save you […]

Insulation Tips to Save Money & Energy

There are a range of opportunities to make money saving improvements at home. Whether you have already implemented some solutions or are yet to consider the best options available, this guide will provide you with enough information to make your decisions. Unfortunately, most people are not aware how easy it is to make their property […]