Create Your Own Recycling Centre At Home

recycling station at home with 5 plastic bins


I thought that this video that I stumbled upon today while researching on youtube was worth posting. It discusses how easy it is for most of us to create our own mini recycling station.

The video is from the US, where they tend to have more available space than we do here in the UK, but if you have a garage or shed, and can put a couple of sturdy shelves on the wall, you can have designated plastic bins labelled for the 4 main recycling groups:


Sometimes our local authorities also collect food waste too. In my opinion, with some organisation such as this, recycling is an easier task, and almost makes it a pleasure to seperate and recycle as many items as we can.

For more information on recycling in the uk this website has loads of information for you –

Please watch the video, and give some thought as to how you might make your own recycling centre at home. Even on a small scale, every little helps!